But why male models?

Author’s Note: I first posted this 365 days ago on tumblr. As I’ve decided to transfer the contents of that page to WordPress, why not start here?


It seems we’ve reached a moment where most people have a platform.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, tumblr, YouTube, Google+ (yeah right), Pinterest, Yelp, and (God help us all) comment sections. Yes, even porn has comment sections (because apparently we all really need to know how Dicker69’s junk responded to the video that we’re currently masturbating to. Thanks, Dicker69).

It’s likely that anyone with the capability to read this (from a technology stand-point, not a lingual one) has access to one or many of the above. Everyone has a platform. Everyone has a soapbox, a megaphone, a means to share what’s in their heads. Is this a good thing? Sure. Everyone deserves to have a voice. However (there’s always a ‘however’), what most of us forget, and what we must notforget, is just because you have a platform doesn’t automatically mean you have something to say. Or, more to the point, that what you say is worth hearing.


That got pretty harsh. Here’s a picture of Elmo as a reward for getting through it. We’re all ok. Right, Elmo?

So. Why am I writing this? Why listen to me? Why read my words? Why male models?

Do I have any insights that can’t be found elsewhere? Almost certainly not. Does my opinion on anything matter more than anyone else’s? Of course not. Do I have things to say that are worth hearing? Very debatable.

And yet here I am. The point of this first post is to apologize for all my posts. I’m sorry for doing this. Please don’t take my writing here as a demand to be heard. Please don’t take my writing here as a delusional notion of self-importance. Please don’t take my writing here as an assumption that it will even be read.

It’s just that I have thoughts, and it feels good to get them down. ‘Catharsis’ is a good word to know the definition of. This is more for me than for you. As of this writing, I have 4,966 subscribers on youtube, and maybe some of them care about what I have to say, but that’ll just be an added bonus if anyone does. It’d be presumptuous to assume otherwise.

I obsess over movies. I believe pop culture is important. I acknowledge the rule of three.



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